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Podcast - Studio

Welcome to the world of Podcast


What is a Podcast?

Podcasts providing entertainment! Many people and companies provide daily new Podcasts. As soon as you has subscribed a Podcast (this is, by the way, absolutely for free) you get every day new files to go. For example CNN provide a Podcast. You get their news every day as MP3. You can copy these files on your Stick and have immediately the daily news. Connect your Stick or iPod® in your car and listen to the news on your way to work. Without ad. Be always up-to-date.

What is the Podcast Studio?

Actually you need an iPod® and iTunes® to receive and listen to Podcasts. We think that's really annoying. The Podcast Studio contains the Podcast Manager, a full Podcast Client. Browse the Podcast directory unhurriedly and subscribe to new Podcasts. Our Podcast Transfer Assistant helps you with the data transfer to USB-Stick, iPod®, PDA, CD, to enjoy the downloaded Podcast files also on the way.

Your show, your Podcast!

It is comfortable to make your own Podcasts with Podcast Studio that contains all tools you need. First record your own files with the Audio Recorder or use existing files. Then start the Podcast Director that helps you to make your own Podcasts. The Podcast always consists of an information file about the Podcast itself (the produce, content etc.) and Audio- or Video files, optimal in MP3-format. You decide which and how many files you will use. Seems to be complicated? It was, just before we developed the Podcast Studio!

After that load your Podcast with the Podcast Uploader in the internet. Our Podcast Publisher helps you with the publication and in Podcast archives and makes your Podcast well-known, also in the Podcast Manager archiv.

What are you waiting for?

Do you have a good mind to listen the daily news? To listen to funny Audio-Bloggs about experiences and adventures of other people? To listen to informative computer news eg. from Winfuture? Or you'd like to be a part of the Podcast Community? Download the Podcast Studio now. Welcomely to the world Podcast!

  Podcast Studio